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Defining an intuitive web and mobile experience for one of the largest online payment systems. 

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Discovery synthesis documentation

Trends and competitive analysis

Gap analysis

UX research

Future vision design system (not shown here)


Research apprenticeship




Survey and interviews


Create an ecosystem vision to implement into future redesigns. holds a massive amount of information. They requested extensive research across trends, analytics, competition, consumers, gap analysis, SEO, and user experience.

After initial research and scoping, the team fine-tuned the brief to best guide the research. Specifically, the project was now split into two phases: the first phase of the project was dubbed “Discovery Synthesis” which entailed collecting all of our research. This synthesis of research then formed our roadmap for their web and mobile platforms. This roadmap was the second phase called, “Future Vision”.


This was a research apprenticeship on top of other creative duties at AKQA.

On paper, I'm trained as a visual designer and art director; however, I'm still very interested in the strategic decisions behind design choices, especially for digital products. With the mentorship of the strategy team I was able to get hands-on experience with industry-standard research and deliverables.

Below is only a portion of the entire case study, especially highlighting the work I was able to participate in. For the entire case study and more details on the project, please email me.


My first task was to define industry best practices and analyze the competition. This included:

  1. Defining competitors

  2. Mapping landscape

  3. Highlighting trends

  4. Summarizing findings

Gap Analysis

There were many discrepancies on web and mobile platforms.  I focused on domestic and global comparisons. I did this by gathering all their homepages, merchant landing pages, and consumer landing pages. Specifically, I...

  1. Focused on global sites with highest number of sessions (data provided by PayPal)

  2. Wireframed pages to compare functions 

  3. Summarized heuristic findings

Internal Comparisons of User Flows (Navigation)

I worked with UX designers to test current and revised navigation systems among our networks to examine the different flows and assess the structure of the questionnaire before the real interviews. This involved...

  1. Auditing current navigation systems and mapping them  

  2. Creating questions based off of different functions such as sign up, merchant portal, consumer portal, credit, customer service etc.

  3. Summarizing data and pulling insights


I learned a lot from researching the industry, comparing current platforms to each other, and witnessing user interactions. Overall our research helped us identify 6 main insights and initiatives. Below is only a portion of them at surface level:

  1. Differentiate the brand by focusing on their values as the only agnostic payment ecosystem in the world.

  2. Radically simplify the interface, design, navigation, and content.

  3. Create a blended and seamless experience between logged in and out states.


One strategy deck, one design roadmap deck. Several variations of the two with hundreds of drafts and hidden slides.

The client implemented our vision proposal into a portion of their logged-out state, while keeping consistent with their current branding. Unrestricted and detailed content can be requested via email.

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